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Book: Fear God and Take Your Own Part

Book: Fear God and Take Your Own Part


Book: Fear God and Take Your Own Part


"This book is based primarily upon, and mainly consists of, matter contained in articles [published] ... in the Metropolitan magazine during the past fourteen months. It also contains or is based upon an aritcle contributed to the Wheeler syndicate, a paper submitted to the American sociological congress and one or two speeches and public statements. In addition there is much new matter."- Introd. note.
Fear God and take your own part.- Warlike power--the prerequisite for the preservation of social values.- Where there is a sword for offence there must be a sword for defence.- America first--a phrase or a fact?- International duty and hyphenated Americanism.- Peace insurance by preparedness against war.- Uncle Sam's only friend is Uncle Sam.- The sound of laughter and of playing children has been stilled in Mexico.- When is an American not an American?- The Japanese in Korea.- The Panama blackmail treaty.- Conclusion.- Appendix A: Murder on the high seas.- Appendix B: Americanism.- Appendix C: Letter in reply to a request to speak at a mass meeting on behalf of the Armenians.- Appendix D: Record on preparedness.


Fear God and Take Your Own Part





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