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After Honoré Daumier French 1808-79. From the series L'imagination. No.10.

Satirical print meant for popular amusement.

The print is one of the many images of Epinal, a collection of popular prints produced by Jean-Charles Pellerin and later by his company.

Black and White photograph of the Harvey Cushing/John Hay Whitney Medical Library Rotunda

Black and white photograph of the Information Room. Built with a donation from Betsey Cushing Whitney.

04a_5 NEST_AC_00036_013.jpg
The right-hand page shows the translation by Smith’s assistant, the author and scholar Buṭrus al-Bustānī (1819-1883), in his own hand, with Smith’s corrections in pencil and al-Bustānī’s alternative suggestions in red. The left-hand…

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The Arabic translation of the New Testament as completed and published by Van Dyck. This copy was sent to Salisbury from Beirut in August 1862, soon after publication, by the American missionary and Arabist Henry Harris Jessup (Class of 1851,…

04a_3 Salisbury MSS 20.jpg

The author was the Maronite Bishop of Aleppo from 1725 until his death. The text (compiled in 1708) is an Arabic grammar aimed at a Christian audience, with grammatical examples chiefly drawn from texts of the Bible. Eli Smith gave this and other…

Tracing Indigenous Power in the Collections.pdf

04a_2 MS 429 Ser I Box 5 Fol 251.jpg
Salisbury describes in his journal his conversation with Smith when they met at Tauchnitz’ print shop, including Gesenius’ work on the ancient Himyaritic script of Yemen, an Arab poet’s response to a recent translation by Silvestre de Sacy,…
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