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Salisbury on meeting the great Orientalist De Tassy: “He is conceited, that is certain, [I] learnt from him all I could about the advantages for Oriental studies in Paris—he is not impartial … and what am I to regulate these important matters…

Salisbury wrote of his teacher, “De Sacy won all hearts by his perfect learning communicated with the gentlest mildness.”

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Salisbury described his teacher in his journal as “a sprightly and vain little Frenchman, but most good-natured, complaisant and helpful to a beginner like myself.”

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At this period, Western academic interest in Sanskrit was twofold: as a gateway to the ancient literature of India, at that time the oldest known written scriptures; and as a way to render precise translations of Biblical scripture into the holy…

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This bibliography of all known Sanskrit works by the prominent German-Russian linguist and bibliographer is the first scholarly title Salisbury mentions purchasing during his Grand Tour, after his meeting with H. H. Wilson, from the Oxford bookshop…

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From Salisbury’s journal: “I was, at once, struck with the professor’s sleek and trim appearance, so strongly contrasting with the disorderly, not to say slovenly exterior of most of our college-gentlemen—which is, I suppose, considered among…




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