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On the categories and biographies of physicians by the famous biographer and historian of Arab medicine Ibn Abī Uṣaybiʻah, Aḥmad ibn al-Qāsim (d. 1269 or 70). Comprises the Arabic text and index of the critical edition published in…

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Shiite prayers and devotions by ‘Alī ibn Mūsá ibn Ṭāwūs (1193-1266)

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A manual of arithmetic and geometry by the 14th/15th cent. Persian mathematician and astronomer Jamshīd ibn Mas‘ūd al- Kāshī (d. ca. 1436)

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From the Palmer Arm and Leg: Adopted for the U.S. Army and Navy by the Surgeon General U.S.A. and by the Chief of the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery: Manufactured Only Under the Direction of the Inventor and Patentee.

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A treatise on logic, being a commentary by Liwā’ al-Hudá Ghulām Yaḥyá (prob. a 19th cent. Muslim scholar from India) on al-Risālah al-Quṭbīyah of Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad al-Rāzī Quṭb al-Taḥtānī (1295-1365).

According to, Joe Chemo, a spoof of Joe Camel, “was developed as an antismoking character by Scott Plous, a Wesleyan University psychology professor, after his father nearly died from smoking. The first image of Joe Chemo ran in the…


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