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Satirical print meant for popular amusement.

04a_2 MS 429 Ser I Box 5 Fol 251.jpg
Salisbury describes in his journal his conversation with Smith when they met at Tauchnitz’ print shop, including Gesenius’ work on the ancient Himyaritic script of Yemen, an Arab poet’s response to a recent translation by Silvestre de Sacy,…

03b_4 MS 429 Ser I Box 5 Fol 251.jpg
In this excerpt from his journals, Salisbury candidly reveals his doubts about whether his intellectual endeavors would ever prove worthwhile, but feels stimulated to success by the heady scholarly atmosphere he is now immersed in. Finally, he…

03a_3 MS 429 Ser I Box 5 Fol 250.jpg
Salisbury on meeting the great Orientalist De Tassy: “He is conceited, that is certain, [I] learnt from him all I could about the advantages for Oriental studies in Paris—he is not impartial … and what am I to regulate these important matters…
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