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German anti-smoking poster

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These lecture notes were made for Salisbury by one of Lassen’s students. The section on view is an introduction to the study of Arab history, with a list of recommended texts for reading, including the Pococke text displayed in this case.

These lecture notes were made for Salisbury by one of Lassen’s students.

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This bibliography of all known Sanskrit works by the prominent German-Russian linguist and bibliographer is the first scholarly title Salisbury mentions purchasing during his Grand Tour, after his meeting with H. H. Wilson, from the Oxford bookshop…


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Copyist's manuscript containing organ music attributed to Johann Sebastian Bach and other composers.

This reprint of the 1868 original was produced in 1931 as a handout to the guests at the First International Neurological Congress, held at Berne. Page [2], an addition, includes the names and dates of the faculty members of 1868 who were caricatured…

The text includes 519 hand-colored woodcuts of plants, animals, and medical scenes.


Arnold Klebs’ history of plague literature and a bibliographical description of 130 incunabula on the plague.
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